Monday, January 3, 2011

Philadelphia Cooking Creme Contest

So today starts off the Philadelphia cooking creme contest and I am both excited and anxious.

There are four flavors of this new spoonable cream cheese: original, savory garlic, Italian cheese and herb, and Santa Fe blend. Those different flavor combinations could yield an infinite number of unique recipes, and I need to choose what would be the most fitting for this contest.

I am excited because there are a finite number of people in the contest and we were sent their new product before it even hits the shelves. We get to test it out and submit recipes for the opportunity to have our recipes featured on the back of the tubs. That would be such an accomplishment!!! And very exciting. And the $2500 prize money would go very far in starting my own business.

I am anxious because it involves cooking videos again. Videos are not my forte, but hopefully I have learned a little bit from the last time around. And we only got 2 tubs of each of the four flavors and the recipes need to use an entire tub. So I basically need to film as I test out the recipes, which adds a bit more stress than filming something I know will work and exactly what proportions of ingredients I need.

I have been thinking through some recipes and plan to get a video or two filmed this week. Its been Philly on my mind for a few weeks, so there should be some good ideas bouncing around in this head of mine!

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