Friday, January 21, 2011

Craving s'mores!!!

Ever since I made the apple danishes the other day, I have had s'mores on the brain. The excess brown sugar that was on the cookie sheet cooked and made the house smell just like s'mores. Last night I decided that was just what I wanted to make. But the thing was that I didn't have an Hershey's bars or large marshmallows. I did have graham crackers, some semisweet chocolate chips, nutella and mini marshmallows.

Since I couldn't exactly skewer lots of little marshmallows, I figured the broiler would be the best option. So I took my graham crackers and put them on a cookie sheet. I put a bunch of chocolate chips on one side and marshmallows on the other. I moved the oven rack up close to the broiler and stuck in my s'mores. I turned around to wash two pots from dinner and the marshmallows and edges of the graham cracker were already dark, but not burnt yet.

So two things I learned were to watch the broiler VERY carefully and put the marshmallow side on top of the chocolate side, not the other way around, because all the soft melty chocolate chips will just fall right off. I was very happy with my s'mores and gobbled them up quickly.

But then I had a nagging feeling...what would it be like with chocolate hazelnut spread (Nutella!) and mini marshmallows. Hmm, I could make them again the next night, when my husband would be back from out of town. Or I could just satisfy my curiosity then and there and make another s'more without him being the wiser.

So guess which I chose? What do you think?

Of course I made another one! The Nutella was actually really good in place of chocolate chips. It has a strong flavor and it married perfectly with the marshmallows. Curiosity satisfied...chocolate craving satisfied...s'more's craving satisfied.

The only problem is that I now realize I have everything in my pantry to make yummy delicious s'mores. And they are calling me, yet again!

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