Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Italian Tomato Bisque

Onward and upward with the Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme Contest. My second submission for the first week was Italian Tomato Bisque, which got submitted just in time. All sorts of things kept happening all week to prevent me from completing the video earlier, so it all had to come together on Sunday (the day of the deadline).

One of the main challenges with the cooking contest is that we were only given two 10 ounce tubs of each of the four flavors. And each recipe needs to contain a whole tub. So that makes things kinda interesting when it comes to formulating recipes. The options include testing out one recipe and shooting with the second tub and therefore only having one entry per flavor; testing out recipes with the real cooking cream and making something that looks similar to shoot the video with, which would increase the number of possible entries, but feels a bit wrong; or testing out a recipe and filming it as it happens, hoping that nothing goes terribly wrong.

I have gone with the last option for all my videos. This makes the process all the more stressful because despite all sorts of planning, things can always go wrong. I experienced a little bit of this while filming my Italian Tomato Bisque recipe. While I thought I had all the proportions correct for the soup, when I went to puree it, the color and texture was not quite right. So I had to add another can of tomatoes, simmer it again, and then puree it. Now it looked much better. So in the video you only see me add one can of tomatoes but in the written recipe there are actually two. That is what happens when you can't test things out before filming them!

And the final bisque tasted really really good. I didn't need to worry about chopping garlic or how much oregano or other spices to add, it was all in the Italian Cheese and Herb cooking creme. Even my husband ate it, and he knew there was spinach in it. So it must really taste good!!! I just hope my video turned out well and is worth considering to be added to the back of the cooking creme tubs when they finally hit the market.

Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2SE-xtm-0k

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