Friday, January 14, 2011

New Cooking Creme Videos are done!

I live in Atlanta. We do not see a whole lot of winter precipitation here. Even if we do, it is usually gone by 11am. Not...this...time.

We go about 4-5 inches of snow in one evening which was then covered in about an inch of ice. That was Sunday night. The first time I was able to get out of my neighborhood was this morning (yes, Friday morning...late morning). We just don't have the equipment to plow/salt/sand anything other than the main highways so everything in the neighborhoods kept melting a tiny bit during the day and then refreezing at night.

So what does that mean? More Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme videos!!! The caveat: I could only use the ingredients that were already in my house before the storm hit. I didn't plan so far ahead as to get things for recipes past the nachos (using the santa fe blend cooking creme) and roasted potatoes and green beans (using the savory garlic cooking creme).

But that was a great test of the product. It is meant to make life easier and have lots of different applications. By me making dishes using what I had in my pantry, I am emulating what a lot of normal people would do when they came home late at night and needed to whip up a good meal. It made me get creative, which is exactly what the contest is meant to do. I just hope the reviewers like my dishes as well as I do!!!!

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