Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Day Brunch

A few years ago, I started hosting brunch on New Years Day. Mostly because a lot of the people I wanted to get together with this time of year are traveling a lot for Christmas and either did not plan to stay up for midnight on New Years or had other traditions for that night. So I opted for a brunch get together where we can all talk about our holidays and what we have in store for the next year.

I make sure to include several 'good luck' foods in the brunch. Most of those come from Southern cooking, which include pork (because pigs root forward when foraging and indicates forward progress), greens (for money) and black eyed peas (for prosperity).

I believe that a tradition in northern Europe is a round bread, which I didn't make per se but I did serve English muffins, which are round. And my dessert was a pumpkin chiffon cake, baked in a tube pan. Maybe that will count for something.

In addition, I made cinnamon apples (which my mom makes for each Christmas and New Years, so I like to honor that tradition. As well as the fact that I LOVE apples!! And waffles, cheese blintzes and mashed potatoes.

So hopefully everyone had a good time to start off the New Year and enjoyed their brunch, which will give them lots of good luck this 2011!!!!

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