Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Stars are Aligning...

I feel like there is something big in the future, but I just don't know what it is. There have just been too many things that had to happen just the way they did for me to be where I am right now.

I finally got in touch with Paula Deen's cousin, Johnnie Gabriel of Gabriel's Bakery north west of Atlanta. On the phone, we set the appointment for 10am and I walked into the bakery at 9:55...and waited until 10:50 before leaving. The person behind the counter had told me that she had another appointment at 11, so I figured that I shouldn't wait any longer. I left my name and number and headed back to work. I got a call around 11:20 from Johnnie saying that she was there at 11:05 for our 11AM meeting. I had written down the time while we were talking, so I was confident I didn't mix things up, but I wasn't about to be rude. We reset the appointment for today at 1PM.

I left work just before 12 to head up there. It is supposed to take 35-40 minutes to get there from Decatur, so I wanted to have a little bit of wiggle room to get there on time. As I was leaving the parking garage, I heard the DJ say something about 'text whether you like this song or not and you'll win tickets to the Atlanta Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining show this weekend.' I didn't hear all the details, but by this point I was at the stop light outside my building and I sent in a text anyway.

Well, I won the contest and went by the studio on my way back from Gabriel's Bakery to see exactly what I had won. I won two tickets to the Atlanta Ballet, a signed Paula Deen cookbook, and two tickets to the show, including one of the celebrity chef demos. I had seen before that Paula Deen, Bobby Flay and Mario Batali were the featured chefs, but that the seats would be at least $100 so I didn't even bring up the show to my husband. The woman at the desk first gave me tickets to Bobby Flay and I asked if she had any Paula Deen. She did and I was able to switch them out. Good thing the studio was somewhat on the way back to work, otherwise I would have had to wait to pick up my tickets and who knows what tickets I would have gotten.

So I happened to be in the right place at the right time to get my tickets and I am very excited. I have been working hard on my Real Women of Philadelphia recipes and videos and I really hope that something comes of it. In talking with Mrs. Gabriel and Paul Deen that there was a lot of luck and timing that got them to where they are today. Well, many things have happened to get me to the book signing in the first place, which led to me meeting Paula's cousin, which resulted in me winning tickets to the show this weekend, which will lead me....where? I would like to hope that something big is getting ready to happen and maybe, just maybe that thing would come from the Philly contest. There have just been too many coincidences that keep happening, I feel like something is meant to happen. I guess I just need to wait and see what it will be, even though this is a time I don't want to be patient, I just want to know!!!

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