Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eating Well Chili Con Queso

My husband is a cheese say the least. He loves all sorts of cheeses and cheese dips and it is no surprise that his favorite food is pizza. I happened to come across this version of chili con queso that uses low fat milk and corn starch to thicken up this dip ( I think Eating Well is becoming another one of my favorite recipe websites, I have liked all the things I have made so far.

For this dip, I used 1% milk and 2% cheddar and followed the recipe. When discussing the recipe ahead of time, I asked my husband if he wanted the scallions and cilantro as a part of the dip. He said to make it just the way the recipe suggested, so that is what I did, including the optional cayenne pepper. I wasn't sure how he would feel about the diced tomatoes since he isn't much of a veggie fan, especially ones that are in chunky pieces. But he seemed to be ok with the diced tomatoes in this recipe, which made me happy since I love tomatoes.

The recipe was easy to follow, the only thing was that the cooking times are always a bit longer than the recipe says. But I seem to find that for most recipes, it always takes a bit longer to bring to a boil or for water to evaporate or chicken to cook through than recipes say. Which is one reason why I usually ignore preparation times. The other is that my knife skills aren't the fastest, so it seems to take me forever to chop up veggies.

The final dip turned out pretty well, we were both happy with it. I think next time we will skip the cilantro, which I am alright with since it isn't one of my favorite flavors. I was happy when my husband suggested we omit it in the future. I tried to talk him out of adding it in the first place, but he wanted to try it. At least we both know now what it would taste like and not have to wonder in the future.

So in the end, this will be a repeat recipe in our home. It satisfies my husband's craving for all things cheese and it makes me happy that it has lower fat ingredients without sacrificing flavor or consistency and it sneaks in a few tomatoes into his diet.

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