Saturday, April 17, 2010

Honey Wheat Black Bread

This morning, I made King Arthur Flour's Honey Wheat Black bread. This recipe makes 8 small loaves of bread, kind of like the kind you get at Outback. I had hoped the recipe would be close to the bread there, but it turns out this bread is quite a bit lighter and is sweeter.

I followed the directions using the stand mixer, but had to add a bunch more white whole wheat flour to make a reasonable dough. And like usual, the rising time was just way longer than it needed to be. Things just always seem to come up and the bread rises longer than I intend. The bread was well out of the bowl by the time I got back to it. It deflated alright, though. It is a very sticky dough, so I needed to use non stick spray on my hands to handle the dough.

The second rise lasted the expected hour. Some of the loaves were starting to touch, so I moved four to another baking sheet, which deflated them somewhat. So those four didn't rise quite as much, but all in all, all the loaves turned out well.

The resulting bread was just just wonderful! It is sweet and very soft. The crust is very soft and not crunchy at all. I think this is a recipe I will need to hold on to. I love bread with my dinner and these mini loaves will be perfect for satisfying my bread craving without having a large serving size.

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