Friday, April 23, 2010

Italian Egg Drop Soup

In one of my many moments looking up random recipes online, I came across one for Italian Egg Drop Soup from ( I have found I really enjoy making soups and they make a great lower calorie addition to dinner. A good broth based soup with lots of veggies is filling and nutritious and I have been trying to add more soups to my diet. Also, when I make the soup at home, I can control the amount of salt and do not need to worry about any preservatives that might be in premade soups.

I love the butternut squash with apple and tomato with spinach recipes that I have and thought this would would be a nice addition. It has low sodium chicken broth, whole wheat pasta, chickpeas, eggs and spinach. Ok, well my soup had spinach. The recipe calls for arugula, but I love spinach and had it on hand, so I chose that over the arugula. I didn't add any scallions, even though I planned on it. I had some in the fridge from something else I had made a little bit ago, but when I pulled them out of the fridge, I didn't like the look of it and decided that I didn't really need it in my soup anyway. I do have some whole nutmeg that I bought recently, but I was using my microplane for zesting the lemons for the lemon curd filled vanilla cupcakes (more on that soon) so I went with preground nutmeg instead.

This recipe was easy to follow and it turned out great. Like most of my other soups, I will eat some for a few days, but will surely need to freeze some. I reheated some last night and this recipe heats well in the microwave, which is always good since I know my husband won't eat any of this one (between the eggs and the spinach, I really didn't have any hope that I could even get him to try this one!!!).

I love making these large batches of soup, it is actually a lot more simple than I expected and it has great results. I will have to keep an eye out for more soup recipes to try in the future.

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