Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yummy in my Tummy Cinnamon Rolls

I forgot one other thing I made this past weekend...cinnamon rolls! They have been on my mental list for a few months now and I finally got around to trying them out.

I started with a recipe from the King Arthur Flour website ( The directions were easy to follow, though I always seem to need a lot more flour than is called for in the yeast breads. I am not sure why that is, but I know my doughs are too sticky if I use just the recommended 19 1/2 ounces. Once I got the dough to the appropriate consistency, all I had to do was wait.

After church, I rolled out the dough to the suggested 16"x21". I brushed on my softened butter and poured on the generous amount of cinnamon sugar. I thought it would be way too much, especially when it went all over the place when I rolled up the dough! But it seemed to work out just the way it should. I rolled my dough from the long end, rather than the short one, hoping to get more, smaller cinnamon rolls. Well, some of them were small, but most were just huge!!! So I need to work on my portioning skills somewhat to make them more consistent. In to the oven they went. All the while I was hoping the smaller ones wouldn't burn before the larger ones were cooked through.

Now on to the frosting. I didn't want to use the cream cheese icing, so I consulted my Whole Grain Baking Book from King Arthur and found a powdered sugar/cream icing I preferred. But oh no! I didn't have enough powdered sugar! So I had to wait until the buns were finished cooking before heading to the store to resupply. Later that night, I made the frosting and iced the cooled cinnamon buns and put them in the fridge overnight.

I knew I couldn't handle having those in the house...sweet, bread, cinnamon, frosting...a very dangerous combination for me. So I took one of the large ones and brought the rest to work to share. I put out a small jar to collect some money for ingredients and utensil and all, per the suggestion of several people around here. I hadn't thought of it. I just like to try making new things and I want to share them because it can be too rich to have every bit of it at my house. By the end of the day, the total was $0.42 and both pans of cinnamon rolls were practically licked clean. I actually felt fairly insulted. I would rather someone not leave anything at all rather than a few pennies and dimes. It makes me rethink whether I will bring more in the future. It makes me wish I had a kitchen to work from so I could really get started with selling. It makes me wish I could get a small truck so that I can share my creations with people all over the city and surrounding areas. Maybe it will just make me work that much harder to get where I want to be.

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