Thursday, September 16, 2010

Office Baby Shower

One of my coworkers and his wife are expecting a little one very soon so we are having a get together tomorrow. I am excited to spend some more time in my kitchen, it feels like I haven't been making as much recently.

I got requests for my 'award-winning' crab turnovers and I think I will have enough time to make those tonight. To be honest, I am a bit scared that people won't like them. I am like that with all my creations, that they won't live up to everyone's (including my own) expectations. I will be sure to let you know how it goes and post pictures as well.

I also decided to make a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It is a cake I have made before and liked it in the past. I figure it was something tasty, yet uncomplicated and not overly decadent and rich. The cake turned out well and I will make a chocolate glaze for it tonight so it will be all ready for tomorrow.

I had 50 minutes while the cake was in the oven, so I figured I would make something else, as well. For some reason, peanut butter fudge stood out in my mind. I went to the traditional method on the stove, using the candy thermometer and all rather than the short cut methods out there. It actually ended up taking longer than I expected, but that was quite alright. I didn't want to heat the sugar so fast that I burned it. The consistency looked really good when I poured it into the mold, so hopefully it tastes good, too!! I think I like making things like cakes a bit more than the fudge, but that may change once I taste the fudge! I like being able to get all the ingredients together, mix them and walk away while it bakes. You have to be a bit more careful with the fudge, you can't just walk away for 15-20 minutes. I will let you know if the extra time was worth the extra effort!

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