Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OMG!!!!!! I WON!!!!!! I am still in shock!!!!


Our First "Make To Impress" Appetizer Winner!
Posted by Caryn Ross on Sep 13, 2010

Hey Kitty Cats!

Yep, it's Caryn again, and I'm here to announce your Appetizer "Make To Impress" recipe winners!

I'm really impressed by our first winner of the week....so Loren Myers, give yourself a giant round of applause! You're $500 richer, baby! Your Crab Turnovers wowed the heck out of the Kraft judges, and as for me, I'm crazy in love with adding a whole brick of Philly Cream Cheese to your pastry dough - I bet that baby is tender, tangy, and flaky beyond compare!

Crab is always a special treat no matter what, but it's always fun to see new ways to use these classic ingredients, right??

Big fat congrats, Loren. Everyone come right back here tomorrow for our next Appetizer winner.

Rock On!


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