Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

My brother recently got engaged (YAYAY!!!!!) and I wanted to send them a little something in celebration. After looking around at various house related items online, as well as gourmet coffees/fruits/gift baskets I decided that I would rather make them something and send it to them. It actually took me a lot longer to come to that conclusion than it really should have! I decided to make my peanut butter and honey sandwich cookies and some chocolate covered pretzels to send up there.

The pretzels were super easy to make and turned out quite pretty. I dipped pretzels rods into dark chocolate and sprinkled them with white chocolate. I placed them on wax paper lined sheets to dry. One 14 ounce bag of dark chocolate was enough to almost finish the entire bag of pretzels. And since I was just sprinkling the white chocolate, I really didn't need a whole lot of that. I did, however, add a little bit of canola oil to the white chocolate to make sure it was thin enough to sprinkle the way that I wanted. It didn't take much to get the ideal consistency.

I bagged up 6 pretzels per large bag and tried each with a white bow. For not a lot of work, the results were visually stunning. I think I will keep this in mind for part of my Christmas gifts this year, they will make a great addition to whatever else I choose to make.

Tonight I will make my cookies and hopefully get the box in the mail tomorrow morning. I hope they enjoy it all!!

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