Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting ready for the Market

I have been working very hard to get things ready for the market this weekend. It has been more difficult than I would like because of the extra (and odd) hours at work this week. Luckily I have been thinking and making lists so that things go as efficiently as possible. I am trying to anticipate as many different obstacles that may get in the way this weekend and how I can get around them. There are always unforeseen circumstances, but I am trying to be ready for as much as I can.

I am under way on the cake truffles. I am bringing some of all my nine flavors, which can be found on the tab at the top of the page, along with pictures. Hopefully I can get completely done and packaged up by tomorrow midday.

Then it is off to the races with the pancake puffs. I bought two more pans, so I can make up to 21 puffs at one time. That will decrease the production time dramatically. So long as I can keep up with all the puffs and not accidentally burn some while attending to the others. I think once I get the pan temperature just where I want it it will go smoothly. These are just as finicky as making pancakes on a flat griddle top..time and temperature are very important, but once those are at ideal conditions it all goes without issue.

I have settled on my pancake puff flavors, barring any big troubles with the execution. So here is your sneak preview of what I will be offering in a few short days:

  • Parmesan puffs: savory pancake puffs seasoned with basil, oregano, parsley, garlic and onion powder. These will be served with a red sauce for dipping.
  • Sweet and Spicy bacon poppers: Bacon that is sweetened with brown sugar, but spicy from cayenne pepper is chopped up and added to the puffs.
  • Buffalo chicken and waffles: a twist on the traditional Southern favorite, Chicken and Waffles. Inside a waffle batter will be chopped roasted chicken dripping in buffalo wing sauce. Served with an option of ranch dressing.
  • Red velvet pancake puffs: Yummy red velvet pancake bites served with a dollop of white chocolate cream cheese icing.
If any of those puffs do not live up to my expectations, then I can always make the chicken sausage filled puffs as in the past. I haven't tried out the waffle batter in my pans yet, but all the other types of batter seem to work well so I do not have any concerns as to whether it will fail. I will make as many as I possibly can, starting tomorrow evening. Hopefully I can make as many as I am planning on!!! All I can do is my best and hope that it goes over well with the patrons of the Atlanta Underground Market.

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