Friday, March 11, 2011

Cake Truffle Day!!!!

I was asked to bring by a variety of truffles to a local business so I spent a whole lot of time makes as many truffles as I could find the time for. I made about 120 truffles and my husband said that he didn't think it would be enough to sell at that business as well as bring some to his office, so I spent Wednesday night making lots more... and I got carried away, which is easy to do when I have 9 varieties of truffles. To the tune of about 300 cake truffles. I didn't know where to put them all! I used up all the hard containers I had and had to find two cardboard ones. And each was stuffed to the brim!!!

It was a lot of work, but I got them all done and packed up. I decided to take a day off from work to go to the two businesses and because I had other baking I needed to do yesterday (more on that soon...). I got to the first place without any trouble with traffic and got my nice new shiny folding shopping cart (which, I love, by the way) all loaded up and got into the lobby. I tried calling my contact, but there was no answer at her desk. It turns out that the regional VP came in that morning and took the entire office away from the building. Much to the dismay of those looking forward to the truffles (from what I have been told).

So I headed over to my husband's office with my entire stock. There was a great response there and I ended up staying for a few hours and selling almost half of everything I brought. I boxed up a bunch of the remaining truffles to save for the first business, at their request and they should get the truffles today. I started to leave when I got stopped in the hallway a few more times. I felt bad sitting on the floor in the hallway handing out cake truffles, but I wanted to make sure that everyone that wanted truffles had a chance to get some.

I had several people ask for my card (yippeeee!!!) and ask about selling them a bunch for parties. Of course I would love to do parties and even small orders. I hope this will get some word of mouth going and more people will be interested in my cake truffles. The comments I got were all very positive and everyone seemed to love all the flavors. I can't tell you how excited I was to see the smiles on everyone's faces and how excited they got. I love making people smile!

There was a large preference for some flavors over the rest. Red velvet seems to be a monster seller and I will keep that in mind for any sort of market situation or when I return to sell at businesses. Carrot cake was another big seller. I didn't grow up eating much carrot cake, so it wasn't on the forefront of my mind as being a big draw. In fact, I didn't have any carrot cake in my original 130 truffles I made and my husband was quick to note that. Another thing I need to keep in mind while expanding my flavors is to include more selections without nuts. I have a few flavor combinations floating through my mind at the moment that I haven't had a chance to test out yet, but those without nuts just got bumped to the top of the list.

So even though my day did not go quite as planned, it turned out to be quite a success! Hopefully I will get asked to come back to these places and maybe they will talk to other people that might be interested in me stopping by and things will grow from there.

I am one step (and an important one) closer to making my dream of baking for a full-time living a reality. Here's to the next one!!!!

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