Monday, June 7, 2010

Genoise...fancy name for sponge cake

When I went to visit Paula Deen's cousin a while back, one of the things she mentioned was the need to know basic techniques and the best (only) way to get that is through professional training. She said I would need to know how to make things (she couldn't even remember the type of cake that was so essential for me to know). I correctly guessed genoise, a type of cake I had read about but really didn't know anything about how to make it. So it went on my mental list of things I wanted to teach myself to make.

Turns out, genoise is just a fancy name for a sponge cake. I had made a sponge cake with the strawberries a few months ago, but still wanted to make another. I chose to follow the directions from the Joy of Baking website since it was so thorough ( and it contained chocolate!

I had no trouble at all following the recipe or the techniques involved. I worry that I beat the eggs a little longer than I should have since the cake rose out above the 9" cake pan. But since it rose straight up, I think it was alright. I made this a weekend before a party and put it in the freezer since I knew it would be a hectic week at work. Freezing worked out really well. I took the cake out Friday morning, then made the mousse Friday night and put it all together that night to be ready for a lunchtime party on Saturday.

When making the mousse, there was a lot more than I was expecting. I had about twice as much mousse as in the cake in the picture. Rather than serving it separately, I added another mousse layer to the top of the cake. I will need to remember the mousse recipe, since it looks like it will be a good versatile recipe to have in my repertoire.

Overall, I am very happy with this chocolate genoise, it tasted and looked great! One more technique that I understand and now its time to move on to the next!

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