Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garden Update

I was able to harvest the first few things from my garden this week...a handful of cherry tomatoes and two jalapenos. I was so excited for the cherry tomatoes that they were eaten before I finished making dinner that night. The next couple I was able to wait and add them to my salad. Either way, they were wonderful! It was such a great feeling to have something homegrown and straight from the garden, especially my own garden!

I took two of the largest jalapenos when we grilled out for Memorial Day. They probably could have grown a bit longer, but I was getting impatient to taste them and there are lots more on both of the plants. I chopped up the grilled jalapenos and added some to a grilled portabella mushroom and to my spinach and asiago cheese sausage. Both ways, they were great. I have been eating more and more spicy foods, even putting red pepper on my pizza and adding hot sauce or something hot to lots of my foods. I guess its true when they say that hot stuff is addictive! Though, I am still hesitant to add hot sauce to scrambled eggs at the moment. I wouldn't put it past me to try it eventually though.

I really had no idea how much I would enjoy having a garden. Sometimes it is a bit of a pain to water all the time since the area does get so much sunshine, but I have found the time and it works out well since my dogs can get some good running time in in the backyard while I water or tend to my garden.

I am excited to try the Roma and Early Girl tomatoes that are growing, but are still green. Hopefully they will ripen soon. Other things growing but not quite ready include two green bell peppers (they might not make it through the weekend...I am getting impatient!), more jalapenos and some of my cayenne peppers are turning red. My basil and oregano plants are coming along nicely, so perhaps it is time to make some tomato sauce to store in the freezer. Freezing the sauce makes for an easy dinner some night.

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