Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chik fil A Spicy Chicken Sandwich

I normally shy away from fast food, and try to eat out other places only once a week, but I think that rule will be broken this week. For some reason, the Chik fil A spicy chicken sandwich has me all excited to try it. You have to admit, their marketing ploys on this one have worked out tremendously. I missed the whole 'reservation' thing, but that is alright. I think my husband and I will have that for dinner later this week. I had already thawed meat for dinner tonight and tomorrow when I realized that the sandwich was finally available, so it is looking like a Chik fil A trip on Thursday or Friday (that is, unless my husband jumps the gun and goes for lunch sometime before that). Like I've been saying, I am on a spicy kick, so this sounds like it will be right up my alley. From all the buzz I've been hearing, it has some heat but not too too much. That is understandable. There is a fine line to walk to make the heat-lovers happy and still attract people that don't eat many spicy things. I wonder if they have extra hot sauce packets so that I can add more if I want to? That would be perfect. I will be sure to write about my impressions once I finally get a chance to try it.

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