Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chick Fil A spicy chicken sandwich update

I am a little bit behind at the moment, my husband and I actually tried out the spicy chicken sandwich last Thursday night. I had a crazy week at work and then a long weekend, so I didn't get a chance to write about it.

Overall, I was fairly happy with the sandwich. I got the deluxe version with pepper jack cheese, lettuce and tomato. I can't remember actually having a regular chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A, it is not a place I have visited many times in the past. I thought the breading on the chicken had a good consistency, it wasn't hard and crunchy and the chicken itself was moist. I can agree with others than it isn't really spicy, but I was assuming it would be lighter than I would make on my own since I have been getting used to a lot of heat in my food. The spice had a good flavor all around and I was happy with it. Though I will admit I added two packets of Texas Pete hot sauce to my sandwich because I was craving some major heat that night. If I just wanted a 'baby kick,' then the sandwich would have been perfect the way it was. My husband agreed with me, though I think he would more often opt for a regular chicken sandwich over the spicy one.

I just checked out the nutrition info on the deluxe, which actually has more calories than the hotly contested KFC double down (540 vs 580 calories...the regular spicy chicken sandwich has 490 calories). People have been outraged that things like the double down are leading to the downfall of our society by increasing obesity. And yet at the same time, people are applauding the arrival of the spicy chicken sandwich. Now tell me how that makes sense?

The bottom line is that fast food is not to blame for the increase in the weight of Americans. Fast food on occasion is not going to make someone gain 50 pounds. People just need to learn about moderation and also need to learn on how to rely on themselves to prepare healthy, easy home cooked meals. Then the occasional fast food splurge will not have an effect on your weight or overall health. It is all about balance and the choices that we make.

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