Wednesday, May 19, 2010

garden update

Its been a little while since my garden was filled with all sorts of goodies, so here is a bit of an update.

Three of my five tomato plants have at least one growing tomato on them. The cherry tomato plant has a bunch coming in. I had better start thinking of some good ideas for all the tomatoes that will be coming my way!

The jalapeno and cayenne pepper plants all have some little peppers on them. I know the jalapenos have a while to grow yet, but I need to check into what size the cayenne peppers should be. I think I have that information on my computer at home, since I typed up all the information for all of the plants before throwing away the little tags. I didn't want to have to deal with the dirt if I kept the tags and this way I can have all the information in one convenient location.

There is a decent sized green bell pepper on one of the plants. I still need to look closer at the other one to see if there are any small peppers hiding out.

My zucchini plants have some nice blossoms on them. I had read that zucchini blossoms are a new trend in fancy restaurants. Maybe sometime I will try to make something with them, but for now, I will let them grow and harvest the full grown zucchini when they are ready. I am not quite ready to experiment with the blossoms before I try different things with the vegetable itself.

My cucumber plants are starting to spread out, which is a very good sign!

I really have no idea what is going on under the surface with the onion sets I planted. The stalks are still sticking up, which I guess is a good sign. I just have no idea whether they are growing under the surface or not and if so, when to take one or two.

As for the chives, I am a little unsure. There has been some grass invading my garden, but I think I see little sprouts that I assume are from the chives coming through the soil. I need to spend some time getting as much of the grass out as I can, when I can find a bit of time to do that.

The basil has taken off. I haven't cooked much with basil, but I will have to try a few things out soon to take advantage of my large stock. The oregano is starting to grow, even though it had a bit of a rough start and didn't take to being transplanted very well. I have the same problem with the thyme, which I started from seed, as with the chives. I need to look closely and see what is my herb and what is grass. Ditto for the spinach.

There is a large sprout on the butternut squash mound...hopefully it is the squash and not a weed!

So overall, I think the garden is making good progress. I am getting very excited and hope I don't jump the gun and take things before they are ready! I will be sure to take pictures and post them soon so I can share how everything is growing.

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