Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 Spring RevFest

This past Saturday I was invited to the 2011 Spring RevFest hosted by RevCoffee in Smyrna. It was a 12 hours festival of music, crafts, food and lots of fun! There was free face painting (as seen above), pottery painting, all sorts of bands, and vendors selling things from cigar box guitars to pottery to jewelry to soaps, etc.

I had planned on stopping by RevFest sometime on Saturday afternoon and sticking around to hear some of the bands. But it didn't quite work out that way (in a good way!!!). A friend of mine had given some of my cake truffles to her sister who then passed some along to Nick, the owner of Rev Coffee. He really liked the truffles, especially the Drunken Raspberry ones. I got a text message from my friend around 10 in the morning asking if I could bring by a bunch of truffles to sell.

So I went into hyper drive...getting a whole bunch of truffles ready as fast as I possibly could. I got the truffles made and the car loaded up and my husband and I headed over to RevFest. We got there a little after 1:30 in the afternoon since it was on the other side of town. They set up a small table inside by the door for me so that the chocolate wouldn't melt. I had a great time meeting people and trying to be more vocal in my sales pitches. I learned that I need to grab people's attention because (like myself) a lot of people are focused on 'their mission' (whatever it may be...getting coffee, looking at the pottery, heading to the bathroom, simply escaping the sun and heat...etc) and they didn't notice the cake truffles. But once I got their attention I got a lot of good feedback.

Everyone that tasted the truffles loved them, including Nick who grabbed some off my display platter here and there. Several people took my cards and even told me I should make sure that they start selling the truffles at the shop. I would absolutely LOVE to start doing that. Every step I take is a huge one in the right direction to achieving my dream. I am slowly gaining a customer base and hope to grow even more. I've just got to keep on truckin' and working hard and it will all fall into place!!!

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