Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cookie Exchange

I had a few friends over last weekend for a lunch and cookie exchange to celebrate the holidays. Of course I couldn’t make just one kind of cookie. I made Southern Ambrosia cookies, Irish potatoes, Irish creme delights and peanut butter cake truffles. Along with some red velvet cake truffles that I still had.

For lunch, I made the sweet potato pasta I bought from the Lilburn Farmers market at the end of the summer with a garlic walnut mascarpone sauce. And a turkey shepherd’s pie; I got the recipe from the Cuisinart website. They are having a photo contest at the moment where you pick a recipe on their website, make it and photograph it and submit it. That fit my lunch perfectly. It was not made with beef (a request of one of my guests), was a part of the contest, and was ‘healthified’ by adding cauliflower to the mashed potatoes. I also made the cheese burger buns from a few weeks ago, except that I made them into 16 smaller rolls rather than the 8 larger burger buns.

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