Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Display

Each Thanksgiving, the people on my floor come together to have a pot luck lunch to celebrate the holiday. With the ethnic diversity we have here, the choices span the globe a few times over.

With me being me, I couldn't decide on what I wanted to bring. I wanted to make something with chocolate, as a test run for the Godiva contest I mentioned earlier. I have been thinking in the back of my head about Black Forest Brownies...making a dark chocolate fudgy brownie with chunks of cherries and chocolate with a cherry fudge icing. The recipe got rave reviews so I think this will be my submission. Wish me luck!

I knew I would make more than one thing since there are so many sweet things to choose from out there! My second selection was a result of my husband's Thanksgiving party. I had made apple spice cake truffles and mocha chocolate truffles for his get together. His boss asked if I also make carrot cake truffles. I haven't made those yet, but I figured this would be a great time to test them out. I had to shred the carrots with a box grater, so the pieces were larger than I would have liked. It will be a food processor in the future! I mixed the cake with vanilla buttercream icing, then dipped that in white chocolate. I know that cream cheese frosting is typical of a carrot cake, but since the truffles are kept at room temperature, I didn't feel comfortable making something with cream cheese, even if it was encased in chocolate. I kept the buttercream light and vanilla to complement the carrot cake without distracting from all the wonderful spices in the cake.

So I had something dark brown and something white. I decided to add something tan colored for a pretty color palate. It came down to peanut butter fudge or rum raisin fudge. The cherry fudge icing for the brownies has Kirsch in it, so I opted for something without alcohol...the peanut butter fudge.

I had fun all weekend getting all of these made. I started thinking of the presentation. With the round cake balls, I cut the brownies into triangles and the fudge into small squares. All of it looked so pretty and I couldn't have been prouder! I put a three tier cake stand in the car and was all set for my party.

I had great complements about the brownies. I think I like the recipe the way that it is, but I have until Dec 31st to change it up if I come up with something I want to do a bit differently. People must have enjoyed the carrot cake truffles and the fudge since almost all of them were gone by the middle of the afternoon. There was another carrot cake at the party that I really liked. I asked for the recipe and hopefully she will remember to bring it in for me. Then I will have the two recipes to choose from in the future and see which one works better for cake truffles.

In the end, I had a great time creating, loved the way the display turned out and I had some yummy sweets for me!

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