Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cake Truffles Update

I know I am a little behind, things have been crazy busy. Last week, I was working on all the cake truffles and chocolate covered pretzels for the Church festival and then Friday night my parents came in to town and I have been moving nonstop! But I have a few minutes now while I am waiting for my next step at work to write a little here.

Thursday night, I made another apple spice cake so that I could add some cake to my frosting and cake mixture from Wednesday night. I did that first thing when I got home so I could also have enough time to make my fudge chocolate with mocha buttercream truffles. After cooling the cake, I went to get the mixture from the night before out of the fridge and lo and behold...the mixture looked firm enough to form into balls. So I didn't end up adding any cake to that mixture and I went along as planned.

I formed the truffles and placed them in the freezer overnight to harden and the same for the chocolate mocha truffles. Friday night was meant for dipping all those truffles. It was a crazy night, let me tell you! I dipped the apple spice cake/vanilla buttercream truffles in white chocolate and dusted the tops with crushed graham crackers. The fudge cake/mocha buttercream truffles got a coating of dark chocolate and were finished off with a swirl of milk chocolate as a decoration. Then I also dipped two bags worth of pretzel rods into milk chocolate.

I got most of that done before my parents showed up late Friday evening. But I still needed to bag everything up and put ribbons on them. Since I wasn't going to be at the festival to sell the truffles and pretzels, I figured it would be better to have portions ready for sale. I portioned out 4 pretzels per bag or 2 cake truffles per bag. Then put different colored ribbons on them so that I could make a sign to tell everyone exactly what was in each bag.

I dropped off my goodies at 9AM on Saturday morning. We chose $2 per bag for both the pretzels and the truffles. Since I had family in town, I went to spend time with them, but we all made a trip over to the Festival at 12:30 and only two bags of pretzels were left (out of the 28-30 I brought) and about 2/3 of the cake truffles were gone. I made about 28-35 bags for each of the three types of truffles. So that was a lot of stuff that sold! Especially since there were three 10 foot long tables filled to the gills with baked goods. But the people there said they were getting great comments about my chocolates and they were handing out my business cards that I just had printed up.

So I spent the last week or so really stressing over whether people would like my contributions or not for nothing. It really could not have gone much better. Now I just hope I get a few calls or emails from people looking to buy more!!!

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