Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday List-Update

I have reposted below my list of birthday wishes so that I can update it a bit. I plan on heading up to the Williams Sonoma outlet this weekend to pick up things like the knives, biscuit cutter, cookie scoop, pepper mill or whatever I can come up with to use the remainder of the Williams Sonoma gift card we have left over from the wedding.

Birthday List
The previous post got me to thinking about my birthday wish list, that maybe I should write all this down. So here goes:

- 'On baking', or 'baking and pastry: mastering the art and craft'...either textbook would be great, I just want a professional baking text like my professional cooking book. GOT IT! Yay! My husband got me 'on baking' for my birthday. He said he felt weird getting me a textbook as a gift, but knew I would like it (and I do!!).
- 10x10 tent (for the farmers market I hope to join next year)
- two 6' tables (for the farmers market)
- cash box of some sort (farmers market)- GOT IT! My mom got me two nice wooden cigar boxes to use, one light wood and the other black.
- a small fryer, nothing huge since I don't fry things often and you need to replace the oil all the time anyway. Something for small batches for 2-3 people. GOT IT! Actually, I bought this for myself the week before my birthday. It was on sale at Macy's and I had a coupon on top of that, so I just went ahead and bought myself a gift.
- a meat pounder
- 3" biscuit cutter
- small kitchen torch- GOT IT! Another gift for my husband, though I think he was much more hesitant to give me a flame for my birthday than a textbook!
- two high quality knives: 8" chef's knife and a paring knife
- pepper grinder: I keep going through those McCormick disposable ones, I think its time for a reusable one I can refill
- My K-cup: so I can use my own coffee in me Keurig brewer. GOT IT (sorta). My mother in law had a coupon for Kohl's and I have heard that she bought us one of these as a late birthday gift.
- cute apron
- a small piggy bank: this was actually a suggestion from a coworker, so that I can set that out when I bring things in to share. It wasn't my idea, but if people go for it, I will certainly not object
- cheese making book
- some sort of book(s) on getting started in a farmers market or small restaurant. Getting soon! I asked one of my brothers for a gift card to to go towards some of the books that I want. There are three in particular that I have on my wish list and if you buy all three at once, the cost is only $60. That is more than I would ask for for a gift, so I just asked for a gift card so that I could put the money towards the books.
- a kitchen where I can get a license
- small food truck, about the size of an ice cream truck

Ok, so maybe the last two are a bit of a stretch, but it can't hurt to ask!! You can't get what you want without putting it out there, can you? You never know who might be listening or what might happen!

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