Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wolf Mountain Vineyards

The other place we wanted to make sure we visited before the end of the month was the Wolf Mountain Vineyards Sunday brunch ( I had seen information about this bunch since well before we went to the wine highway weekend this past spring. The drive is almost an hour and fifteen minutes, so it isn't a place we would just up and drive to on a regular basis.

When I saw that the theme of the brunch was artisan cheeses, I knew this was the month to convince my cheese-freak husband to go. When I made the reservation on Friday, they said they didn't have any window seats available inside, so I figured they would be pretty busy.

We chose the 2:30PM seating (they also offer a 12:30PM seating) and got there right on time and got our seats closer to the center of the restaurant. There weren't a whole lot of people there at that time. We ordered a champagne mint mojito and their Chanteloup, a sweet wine wine to go with lunch. The buffet consisted of a chilled yogurt and berry soup, corn bread pudding, summer squash casserole, chicken pot pie, ham, fried green tomato salad and salmon cakes. All of which tasted good, but nothing really stood out from the rest.

The cheese display had things like pimiento cheese, two types of goat cheese, blue cheese and a few cheeses similar to cheddar. I didn't try the blue cheese, I haven't quite developed a taste for the stronger cheeses yet. But I was very happy with the rest, except the pimiento cheese wasn't anything special. I really enjoyed the goat cheese.

The desserts were chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate cheese cake, key lime pie and banana pudding. I think I liked the cheese cake the best. I was very tempted to take my cheese cake up to the coffee bar that had fresh whipped cream and add a dollop, but I restrained myself.

Overall, the food was pretty good, though like the Sundial, the price was much higher than we are used to paying. It was a great experience, but not one we will repeat often. Maybe for a special occasion. I had a great view, but my husband was kinda in an inside corner. It frustrated me to see a few 4 person tables empty near the windows. If they knew they would be free, why wouldn't we sit there so we could both have a great view?

Of course we didn't leave empty handed. We bought a bottle of Delicieux, a port style dessert wine that I loved on the wine highway weekend. I debated about the Chanteloup or their demi-sec, but decided we had spent enough money for one weekend! I love the feel of the area and I am sure we will head back at some point. It is actually a bit closer than Athens and we have gone back there a few times. So it is not unreasonable to think we will head back up to the North Georgia mountains before too long for another day trip. Maybe I will ask to head that direction for my birthday in October.

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