Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First mobile food truck permit!!!

This is really exciting!! I just wish that I had a kitchen I could get inspected and a little cash for a used truck...that would be a dream job for me!!!

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Atlanta grants first mobile food truck permit

9:53 am August 3, 2010, by John Kessler

Carson Young with the Yumbii taco truck sent out this Tweet yesterday — music to the ears of the many people vested in seeing Atlanta develop a food-truck culture.

This means the truck is no longer confined to vending mobile food in one or two designated areas. It can now, say, answer the call from an office building and set up operations in its parking lot. This is the promise of Los Angeles-style mobile food: in a city where it can be hard to get to the good food, the good food can come to you.

Yumbii sells the Korean tacos developed by Hankook Taqueria.

One small step for truck, one giant step for truckkind.

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