Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Bee Weekend

I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen this weekend. Here is the breakdown of it all:

- Maryland Crab turnovers and Chesapeake Bay Crab fondue for the Kraft Philadelphia recipe contest

- Mozzarella cheese: I actually got the recipe to work this time, even though it didn't yield quite as much cheese as I had anticipated. The recipe didn't mention how much salt to add near the end of the process and I was a little light with it. I know I can add a whole bunch more next time. Hopefully I can find some raw milk at some point from a farmers market to try again. Until then, I am happy with the results and am looking forward to improving the cheese next time. I also want to try to make ricotta, which doesn't not seem too difficult and does not need a cheese press. I used the mozzarella I made on a pizza last night. It doesn't melt quite as well as the stuff from the store, but maybe that will improve as I keep practicing the technique.

- Mocha cake truffles: devil's fudge cake with mocha buttercream coated in a mixture of dark and milk chocolate...need I say more? I brought them to work today because I can't seem to stop eating them!

- Crab cakes: these didn't work so well since I tried using the imitation crab. I know it isn't the same at all, but my budget is a little tight from some unexpected bills recently.

- Chicken, cheddar and black bean quesadillas: yummy!!

- I bought some carrots to make some carrot cake truffles, hopefully I can make those soon.

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