Monday, February 28, 2011

Curried Carrot Soup

I had a bunch of carrots left over after making a carrot cake recently and I wanted to find something new to do with them. I normally shred them in salads or eat them raw as a snack. I have even cooked them on the stove top with some brown sugar and cinnamon.

But I was up for a new way to eat these veggies when I came across a recipe for curried carrot soup on the Eating Well website (You can find the entire recipe here:

Curry and a soup? Hmm, that could be interesting. And since I am all about trying different things, I was all for this recipe.

This recipe took me a while to finish, mostly because I am fairly slow when chopping veggies. I have a good knife and know the proper techniques, its just that I am still very calculated in my movements. They have not reached the point of second nature to me yet. So I just take my time, making sure to do it right. The speed will come later. Its not like I am competing in a Top Chef-esque challenge. There is no one standing over me telling me I have 2 minutes left to get through the whole pile of vegetables.

I simmered the oil and curry powder, added my chopped carrots, onion and celery and cooked until starting to soften. Then added the chicken broth and let it simmer while I played with the dogs in the backyard. Blending the soup is a cinch with my immersion blender. I love that thing, it makes life so much easier. No transferring to and from a blender or worrying about the hot liquid spewing from the blender at any point. And it is vastly easier to clean than a blender.

The end soup is good. Its not tomato soup, which seems to be my gold standard for smooth vegetable soups, but I will enjoy it and be glad that I was able to use all my carrots. Any excess should freeze well, too. I am sure I will make it again in the future, but perhaps not quite as often as I make some other soups.

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