Monday, March 1, 2010


In the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain baking book, there is a recipe for whole wheat tortillas. I wanted to give it a shot, it is not something that I have made before and it did not look too complicated.

I made white whole wheat tortillas and the ingredients couldn't be simpler: white whole wheat flour, salt, oil and warm water. The dough came together easily and the recipe said to mix the dough, then let it rest for 20 minutes before kneading a few times, dividing into small balls, resting again before rolling each one out and placing on a hot griddle.

The recipe was just as simple as it sounded, though I need to work on my tortilla rolling technique. I was trying to roll one tortilla while cooking another while baking my cookies. So I rushed when rolling out the tortillas, which resulted in several that weren't even close to being round. When I paid attention to what I was doing, they looked much nicer.

The tortillas cook on the hot griddle for only a minute or two on each side, so I had to be careful not to leave them on for too long. If I left them on too long, there would be a few burnt spots on that side. Hopefully that won't be too detrimental to the taste. I will be making chicken burritos tonight, so I will have to update this post with pictures and how I think they turned out.

Overall, tortilla making was simple and went well...I just hope they taste well!

Here is an update: The tortillas tasted great! The consistency was good, I was afraid they would be too brittle, but they worked out very well for burritos. Also, the ones that I was afraid were over done in spots did not taste burnt in the least bit. I will add some pictures soon. I think this will be something I make often at home. I am ecstatic that I tried something new and that it is a wholesome addition to our diets!

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