Monday, July 25, 2011

Ambitious Week

Here is the current lineup for this Friday's Lilburn Farmers Market:

  • Mini Pies: chicken pot pies
  • peach pie
  • Cookies: brown sugar cookies with and without chocolate chips
  • oatmeal cream pies
  • S'mores: The homemade vanilla marshmallows and your choice of chocolate will be back by popular demand this week!
  • Ready to eat foods: Purely Simple Catering will not be at the market this week so I have volunteered to bring the following:
bbq pork with my own secret ingredient barbeque sauce
pimiento cheese
homemade potato chips

It seems like an awful lot to get done, but I am hopeful I can get to it all. I also hope to make a vegetarian chili pot pie, if I can find the extra time!!!

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