Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maple Banana Crunch Pancakes

For the King Arthur Flour and Pure Maple Syrup baking contest I mentioned in the last post, I also created a breakfast recipe. I had thought of submitting my two sugar cake variations (apple cinnamon and maple walnut), but did not want to give up my family recipe for a contest. All recipes become the property of the sponsor, whether or not they are a finalist. So I went with something that I thought sounded good, but wasn't a family recipe.

For this recipe, I make buttermilk pancakes with chopped walnuts. I beat in a few tablespoons of pure maple syrup into softened butter for a little extra flavor. The main topping combined maple syrup, bananas and vanilla. I simmered maple syrup with vanilla for a few minutes, then added in sliced bananas and reduced the mixture for 15 minutes. This really combined all the flavors into one.

The final result was very tasty. Like the maple blueberry pound cake, I am afraid that the recipe isn't as complicated as the judges are looking for. I just made two recipes that I thought had a good combination of flavors and textures and tasted good in the end. No matter what happens, I am most proud of that. I will always opt for good taste and flavor over exotic and over worked. If nothing comes else comes of this contest, I am happy with the chance to be a bit creative and to start thinking outside of the box. Only great things can come from creativity, hard work and a little inspiration.

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